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Hello! Feel free to ask me anything, just be nice about it!   I created this tumblr as a means of keeping sane by flushing out my incessant fangirling that I normally keep under-wrap in my journals and my personal life. Feel free to follow me, befriend me, or ask me questions. Just don't judge me too much for my opinions or the subjects I choose to fangirl over. By day, I'm a graphic artist, but by night, I'm too tired to work on graphics, so I love tumblr for having so many talented people making photosets and animated gif sets. I swear one day, I will contribute to tumblr, but for now, I'm just going to admire and store the beautiful works shared here on tumblr.


    Choi Jin Hyuk SBS Hanbam TV  2/2

    Fuck YES. I have come down with a bad case of the Choi Jin Hyuk-itis. HALP.

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    That sound you hear is my ovaries not handling his smexy

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    They all looked stunning in their black suits. YES THEY DID. Especially this namja.

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    I swear literally every second of this MV is Donghae eyefucking the camera and I so fucking approve. We need moar of this tbh. 

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